Orange County Neurologist Dr. Jack Florin Announces New Website for Fullerton Neurology and Headache Center


FULLERTON, Calif.–(Business Wire)–Dr. Jack Florin, one of Southern California’s preeminent Neurologists, announced today that Fullerton Neurology and Headache Center has introduced a new website to better showcase its full suite of services.

“We wanted to launch a digital platform that more accurately communicated our complete range of services and core competencies,” said Florin. “Our core competencies cover a broad range of services including Neurological Care, Multiple Sclerosis, Headaches, and Children’s Headache treatments, Neuromuscular Disorders and our Electrodiagnostic Laboratory as well as Clinical Trials.”

In addition Fullerton Neurology and Headache Center launched a new Facebook presence as well as a Twitter site to build the Center’s community outreach.

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Fullerton Neurology and Headache Center
Dr. Jack Florin, MD
Medical Director

What Factors Influence Outcome for Epilepsy Patients?

Overall, about 60% of patients with epilepsy have a permanent remission, meaning no seizures on medication. About 25% are treatment-resistant. The remainder are not seizure-free but have good quality of life.

Childhood absence epilepsy (petit mal) can be controlled about 80% of the time.

About 70% of patients with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy are seizure-free. Most need lifelong treatment, but recent studies show that about 10% to 20% could stop medications after many years.

Poor prognostic factors are a young age at onset of seizures, more seizures at the start of treatment, and a higher number of drugs that a patient has failed.

A new and exciting development is the recognition of “autoimmune epilepsy,” which may be common in patients with treatment-resistant seizures and may respond to treatment other than antiepileptic drugs.

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