Does Botox Work For Posttraumatic Headaches?

The most common posttraumatic headache has features of migraine rather than of tension-type headaches. Botox is the only treatment approved by the Food and Drug Administration for chronic migraine and is widely used. It has never been shown to be effective for tension-type headache. A fairly high percentage of patients following mild concussion develop posttraumatic headaches with features of migraine. They may be episodic or chronic.

According to a study published in the journal Headache in March 2015, sixty-four active duty service members who suffered mild traumatic brain injury developed intractable posttraumatic migraine. They were treated with Botox according to the approved chronic migraine injection protocol. Almost two-thirds improved. This percent is similar to the 70% improvement seen in chronic migraine groups.

Jack Florin, MD

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