Long-Term Recovery From Traumatic Brain Injury In Children

Traumatic Brain Injury In Children
Traumatic Brain Injury In Children

A study from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital about traumatic brain injury in children followed these children up to 7 years. For mild to moderate TBI, attentional problems are twice as common. For severe TBI, they are 5 times as common and appear similar to ADHD.


Importantly, the home environment modifies these results. Children from disadvantaged or chaotic homes often demonstrate persistent problems, whereas those in optimal environment generally do not.


With effective parenting, impairment of skills that can affect social functioning might be avoided. These include information processing speed, inhibition as opposed to impulsivity, and reasoning.


The results of this study are important, as more than 630,000 children and teens have traumatic brain injury sufficiently severe to be seen in emergency rooms in the United States each year.

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